We see too many people come to our fit studio with an ill fitting or just plainly wrong sized Canyon bike. The fact is, an online size calculator like that used by Canyon is, with the best will in the world, guesswork.

Don't make an expensive mistake, come and get either sized or fully fitted first on our adjustable jig using Canyon handlebars and saddles as supplied with the bikes.

We will select the right size frame and components so you can purchase with confidence having already tried the position in the studio. We offer two services to give you peace of mind. 


DSC_1480 (1).JPG

A sizing is an hour long appointment where we make decisions on all the choices you have to make when selecting the fit of your chosen Canyon.

You will be riding on our adjustable fitting  jig using the saddle that comes specified on your prospective bike model. We will select the best crank and handlebar from the options available to purchase through Caynon. We have all the Canyon handlebar styles and widths in the fitting studio. 

Overall position, handlebar and saddle X/Y coordinates, will be obtained.

We can then use this output to select the right size frame within your desired model or the most suitable bike geometry. 

Alternatively we can see which bike type from the Canyon range best suits your coordinates, and then specify the sizing.

You will be supplied with a CAD drawing of your setup.


£125 (1.25 hrs)


Covered in the session:

  • Frame Size
  • Handlebar Width
  • Handlebar Stack Height
  • Stem Length
  • Spacer Stack
  • Saddle Height
  • Saddle Setback
  • Optimal Crank Length
  • CAD Drawing of Bike Setup 


 Bike Fitting. CAD Drawing. Bike Setup


Which Canyon Bike Size Fitting

The most thorough service we can provide you is our full 3 hour bike fitting plus new bike setup.

We spend an hour on the off-bike physical assessment before moving to the fitting jig to fine tune the bike position using power and pedal stroke analysis.

We make heat moulded custom footbeds and install these in your shoes in tandem with a full cleat and shoe setup for optimal pedal stroke efficiency and comfort.

Saddle selection and position is determined using our Gebiomized pressure mapping system.

Again we choose from the available Canyon handlebars and fit these to you on the jig.  

You will be supplied with a CAD drawing of your setup after we spendtime deciding which Canyon model and size best suits your fit coordinates. 

When your new bike arrives we will set the bike to fit for you, checking you on the bike on the static trainer.

Our mechanic will also give your bike a full safety check service in the workshop to make sure you are 100% ready to hit the road. 

£300 (3 + 0.75hrs)


Covered in the session:

  • Full Physical Assessment
  • Custom Made Footbeds Installed
  • Cleat and Shoe Setup Including Wedging and Stacking as Required
  • Saddle Selection and Position
  • Saddle Pressure Mapping
  • Pedal Stroke and Left/Right Power Analysis
  • Lever Angle and Reach
  • Frame Size
  • Handlebar Selection and Position
  • Stem Length
  • Spacer Stack
  • Optimal Crank Length
  • CAD Drawing of Bike Setup 
  • New Bike Set to Position
  • Safety Check Service