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Here are a selection of reviews we have received that can also be viewed on our Google profile


"My first real experience of a proper bike fit. Was amazed at how the finer details makes such a difference. I was impressed with the service and customer care, and how you are treated as an individual with your own needs and requirements. I was only suggested certain additions but happily accepted as has already made a world of difference to my riding technique and general well being on the bike. Highly recommend it!" - Google Review

"Having had my Colnago built at Super Domestique was the best decision I have made. Their knowledge of components is incredible. Not only did they stay within my given budget but delivered a bicycle that aesthetically works. Elliott's keen attention to detail still surprises me today. You start to realise how much more personal time Super Domestique has invested in researching the right components. Something a lot of mainstream bike companies do not do for their customers. Highly recommended." - Google Review

"Amazing place, had a few bike fits at other places but this one was the best. Elliot looked at my saddle height and position, fitted me to an inline seat post and fitted wider pedals. Instantly cured a long standing issue with calf pain and made the bike infinitely more comfortable. Highly recommended. Hex cycling, in the same building is also awesome. Loads of good kit and the coffee is great." - Google Review

"Elliott at Super Domestique is a hero. My comfort, efficiency and speed on the bike have all increased by a huge amount. I rode 500km last week, most of them with a huge grin on my face. The best upgrade for a bike you could possibly imagine." - Google Review

"A really professional, detail-oriented and personalised fitting service. Elliott took great care and genuine interest in optimising my position on the bike, analysing a range of factors including cleat position, flexibility, video analysis of pedalling style, bar size and position and crank length. My bike now fits like a glove and is a joy to ride. Highly recommended!" - Google Review

"@super_domestique mate this ride is a dream. Thanks so much for your work, advice, attention to detail - she's like a glove. Like a stealth bomber sort of a glove." - Instagram