We are a CeramicSpeed service centre and build a lot of bikes with CeramicSpeed upgrades.

All CeramicSpeed Balls are made from Grade 3 Silicon Nitride. They’re 58% lighter and upto 50% faster than traditional steel bearings. The production of each ball takes from 50 to 70 days.

Many top brands have chosen to use CeramicSpeed balls as standard for their hubs, bottom brackets and headsets, including Factor Bikes, Black Inc and Lightweight, among others.

Most of our Colnago C64 builds use a threaded CeramicSpeed T45 bottom bracket, which was specially designed by the two brands in partnership.

CeramicSpeed products include:

  • Bottom brackets

  • Pulley wheels

  • OSPW: oversized pulley wheel systems

  • Headsets

  • UFO chains and coatings

  • Wheel upgrade kits

If you would like to build a bike using CeramicSpeed products, or upgrade your existing bike, please get in touch.